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It’s simple. We listen, we discuss, we advise, we create.

About The Studio

Rogue Studios is a boutique design agency based in the South of Sydney and has been operating for over 12 years. We provide an end-to-end creative services inclusive of branding, design, digital, marketing, print & sign solutions.

Managed by Founder and Creative Director Ryan Turner, an award winning Creative Director and Marketer. Ryan has been a professional designer since 1998 and has a degree in graphic design and a master’s degree in marketing.

At Rogue, we also work with contractors and friends; developers, writers, photographers and videographers; marketing strategists, search engine experts, social media legends and more.

Six Tailored


Our design process is successful for our clients from a wide range of fields, including the entertainment, sport, publication and retail sectors. We tailor our design to deliver real results, working closely with each client, to ensure every detail is just right. So whether we inherit a brand identity to develop and refine, or start from scratch, our graphic design skills coupled with our knowledge and industry experience, really help to take brands to the next level.


When we design web experiences, we carefully consider the user experience to ensure they are more than just striking visually. Whether you need a responsive website design with a content management system, a social media campaign or an email marketing campaign, we can help your business thrive online. We take pride in creating beautiful and effective online communications to promote our clients’ businesses.


Creativity is at the heart of every advertising campaign we produce. Earning the trust and respect of your customers takes more than just a catchy slogan or a well-designed logo. Creating a campaign that stands out and consistently engages your audience is a great way of gaining customer loyalty. Understanding your target audience and their behaviour can dictate how best to connect with them and in turn, which channels to communicate through. Whether it’s online, social media, print, transport or outdoor advertising, selecting the right channels to promote a product or service is crucial to a successful campaign.

Key Art

Have you ever found yourself standing outside a theatre, stopped in front of the poster and gone “wow, I want to see that”?
Your production’s key art, whether it be for a theatrical production or film, has the potential to hold that power. Good key art contains an eye-catching, strong central image, to be used across the marketing campaign for your production that audiences will immediately respond to.


A well-balanced composition and white space are crucial to drawing a reader in and conveying a magazine’s message. Furthermore, the hierarchy of typography, the right combination of colours and the use of relevant imagery all play a part in building a rapport with the reader. Our team is skilled in crafting beautiful, bespoke magazines that engage with and captivate readers. Whether we’re creating a magazine from scratch or evolving an existing publication, we have the expertise to create magazines that not only look great, but that resonate with your audience.

Environmental Graphics

Signage is often the first thing people see when coming into contact with your brand, therefore it is essential that it reflects your branding and makes a good first impression. We can provide you with a range of impressive displays for both inside and out. From stunning signage and inspiring displays, pop-up banners to wall mounted panels, to fully bespoke wallpapers and large display systems, the possibilities are endless. Our team can provide a welcoming space and an attractive and inspiring environment.


Meet Ryan

I always knew that I wanted to pursue a creative career, having been in love with art and design since the first day I picked up a pencil.

I enjoy crafting a journey for the consumer, utilising my abilities to visually tell a story. That love of storytelling has defined my career, collaborating with some amazing people, from clients and photographers to fellow designers and developers.

A designer by trade, I am constantly finding further ways to improve how I engage in the creative process. This led me to obtain my master’s degree in Marketing with the aim to combine my knowledge and creative expertise to be Different by Design.

When I’m not working on a creative project, you’re likely to find me spending time with my wife and kids, enjoying the beachy surrounds of my home town, going to the theatre, watching a movie or cheering on my team with friends…oh and coffee; must have coffee.

DESIGN - 60%
COFFEE - 100%
  • Every design or concept that Rogue Studios has created for us is absolutely gorgeous and I cannot thank him enough. He goes the extra mile at every turn and the results exceed our wildest expectations. Without a moment’s hesitation I will always recommend Rogue Studios to anyone looking for any graphic design work. Bonnie Lythgoe - Bonnie Lythgoe Productions

  • What sets Ryan apart from other designers is his uncanny ability to work with a sometimes limited brief and quickly return a great concept that has nailed the objectives of the campaign while retaining our brand essence. Working with Ryan’s creative skill, easy going nature and professionalism is a pleasure – he understands challenging timelines, dynamic nature of our business and is always happy to work with us to meet deadlines. Kylie Lawless - St George Illawarra Dragons

  • Ryan truly is a wonderfully talented and gifted designer who brings his own ideas to the creative table. He will offer and add his own elements to the design to bring the artwork to life. He has the ability to take your thought processes and desires and produce the finished product in whatever format and style you require. A very valuable member of the Bonnie Lythgoe Production team indeed. Christopher Wood - Bonnie Lythgoe Productions

  • Ryan Turner is an absolute gentleman who drips with creativity and exudes authenticity. He has been a pleasure to work with time, and time again. He is my go to designer whenever my clients need a website designed to reflect their unique needs. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for quality, creativity and excellent customer service. Joshua Burguete-Kirkman